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The Villages Electrical Services

R & A offers highly trained licensed and insured electricians to suit all your residential or commercial electrical needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, we can set the mood with ambient lighting, brighten up your home or office with new light fixtures, give you back your peace of mind with security lighting and whole house surge protection, create more circulation of the air in your home or office space with stylish and practical ceiling fans, or pamper your wallet over the long haul with the newest energy-saving systems. From electrical inspections to home rewiring, R & A Industries is a leading The Villages home electrical service!

Electrical Issues? Hire a Professional

Doing electrical work yourself is not only dangerous, but it can also cost you more in the long run. R & A electricians are the experts you need when it comes to troubleshooting or installations. Trust the team of professionals at R & A to conduct proper and safe electrical inspections. The Villages Electrician & Electrical Repair

We serve all The Villages including homes and businesses along Buena Vista Blvd., Morse Blvd., Lake Deaton, Sandhill Golf Course, Bonifay Country Club, Hacienda Hills, Lake Sumter, and Sumter County.

Electrical Inspections & Repairs

Be cautious with a previous owner’s “handy work.” Unusual wiring that might have been done by a previous homeowner might fail to meet industry and safety standards and should be inspected to prevent potential fire hazards. Receptacles with reversed polarity and incorrectly wired GFCI units are often found when previous homeowners installed electrical wiring themselves. An R & A inspector can identify these hazards and ensure your electrical and safety alert systems- like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors- are functioning properly. Whether you are selling your The Villages home, preparing to purchase a new home, or are looking to conduct a thorough home safety inspection, R & A has you covered. When you choose R & A as your professional electrical wiring and safety inspector, you can be confident that your The Villages electrical inspection will be done right.

Lighting Installation

Deciding to upgrade or replace your current lighting system can seem a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes, consumers are unaware of just how significant an impact lights have on our energy bill and quality of life. Meaningful improvements can be made simply by upgrading your illumination system. Not sure what improvements you can make? Our licensed, qualified professionals can help ease any anxiety you may be feeling in this The Villages lighting installation process. New technologies such as LED are replacing incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Our lighting installation team is knowledgeable and can help you select the best modern lighting system to suit your needs. With the right lighting arrangement, you can dress up any space and maximize energy efficiency. A well-lit home can also ward off criminal activity. If you are looking to re-invigorate your living or office space, contact us today so we can help you use light to harmonize design with your energy consumption and security concerns.

Whole-House Surge Protection

An R & A licensed The Villages electrician can install a surge protector in a box near or inside the main electrical panel (depending on how your electrical system is set up). Electricity would then pass through the surge protector before entering your home, and if electrical spikes above the normal 120 volts are detected, it will divert the excess energy into a grounding wire. The Villages Whole house surge protection is the only way to ensure appliance protection from a lightning strike or power surge because they can’t usually be plugged into a surge protector power strip. R & A is committed to reducing risks and keeping you, your loved ones, and your investments safe from lightning strikes and power surges. Make the decision today to protect yourself with whole-home surge protection.

Top-Rated The Villages Electricians

• Lighting Installation
• Whole House Surge Protection
• Electrical Inspection & Testing
• Expert Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
• Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement
• Smoke Detector Repair & Replacement
• LED Lighting Installation
• GFCI Outlet Installation
• Home Rewiring

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