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Residential & Commercial Electrician Services

Are you a home or business owner in need of a reliable Oviedo electrician? R&A is a team of licensed and insured electrical experts currently serving residential and commercial customers in Oviedo, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Oviedo Smoke Detector Repair & Replacement

When it comes to safety and peace of mind, we understand that it is crucial to have trusted professionals conduct smoke detector repair and replacement services. Our licensed electrical technicians specialize in smoke detector wiring, installations, repairs, and more.

Oviedo Whole-Home Surge Protection Services

Protect your electronics and appliances from sudden power surges with whole home surge protection. Whether caused by lightning strikes or overloaded circuits, power surges can cause significant harm, making it essential to safeguard your electronics before it’s too late.

Oviedo Rewiring & Panels

Electrical rewiring and panel upgrades are fundamental to maintaining a safe and efficient electrical system in a home or commercial space. Over time, wiring can degrade, posing potential safety hazards like electrical fires. With a properly rewired system and updated panel, safety is ensured while reducing the risk of circuit overloads and improving overall energy efficiency.

Electrical Support for Homes of All Sizes

Whether you need emergency electrical repairs in your home or business, R & A is dedicated to powering your spaces safely and efficiently. Our licensed team is well-equipped to provide excellent service no matter what electrical issues you’re facing.

Oviedo Home Electrical Inspection & Testing

Unusual wiring that might have been done by a previous homeowner might fail to meet industry and safety standards and should be inspected to prevent potential fire hazards. We guarantee the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems through home electrical inspection and thorough testing. Our licensed team will:

  • Assess all electrical wiring, outlets, and panels
  • Identify potential wiring hazards and inefficiencies
  • Ensure compliance with current safety standards
  • Recommend necessary and energy-saving upgrades

Oviedo Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement

Ceiling fans offer several benefits, including improved functionality and aesthetic appeal. By circulating air and creating a cooling effect during warm months, installing a ceiling fan can significantly reduce your monthly energy bill.

Apart from reducing energy usage, ceiling fans also improve indoor comfort by providing a gentle breeze during the scorching summers in Seminole County. Additionally, a carefully selected ceiling fan can serve as a focal point of a room and seamlessly blend in with the room’s design and decor. However, the importance of proper installation from a licensed Orlando electrician cannot be overstated. The ceiling fan must be anchored securely and wired correctly to minimize the dangers of wobbling, falling, or causing a short circuit in the electrical system.

Electrical Inspections & Repairs in Oviedo, FL

Leave it to the experts for electrical inspections, repairs, and installations for all of your home or business electrical system needs. R & A can guide you through your options, whether you want to upgrade your lighting, safeguard your home against electric shock, want additional outlets, or simply need a routine inspection to ensure everything is working correctly.

Adding Electrical Outlets

Adding additional outlets to your home can be helpful by allowing you to use your electronic devices where you please. R & A technicians can expertly assess your space and strategically install outlets for optimal functionality. Whether you need new outlets for your gadgets or a better room layout, we provide safe and efficient electrical solutions that are tailored to your needs.

GFCI Outlet Installation

Direct contact with electric currents can lead to electrical shocks. This can happen when touching faulty or exposed wiring, using malfunctioning electrical appliances, or working with live electrical components without proper precautions. Installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets can detect imbalances and immediately cut off power, providing your home with an essential layer of safety in moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces.

Oviedo Lighting Installation

The use of LED technology is becoming increasingly popular as it’s starting to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Installing LED lights in your home can upgrade your home’s appearance and also increase your home’s value. Our indoor/outdoor lighting installation team is knowledgeable and can help you select the best modern lighting system to suit your needs. With the proper lighting arrangement, you can enhance your home or business, maximize energy efficiency, and save money on monthly electric bills.

Find an Oviedo Electrician Near Me

Regain peace of mind and property safety by scheduling an electrical service appointment with R & A today. Our team is highly skilled in quickly assessing electrical systems, and we are always available to provide emergency repairs. We serve the Central Florida and Oviedo region, offering thorough inspections, efficient repairs, and upgrades to prevent any potential hazards. Trust R & A for all your electrical support needs!

A Word From Our Customers

Had 3 fans and 3 light fixtures installed replacing existing fans and fixtures. They did the work very courteously and professionally and checked with me throughout the process to make sure I was happy with what they were doing. Will definitely use them again!

Linda O’Reilly

Wes with R and A Industries did an outstanding job clearing my house sewer drain pipe. He was professional and a pleasure to do business with. The dispatcher was courteous and responsive and kept me updated on his availability.


Luis was the electrician who took care of our electicrical issues today. He was knowledgeable, prompt, informative, fixed the problems, and explained everything to me. He was great! Thank you R&A Industries!

Karen Menor

Ryan Evans was excellent at installing my new A/C system. He was timely, kind and attentive. He explained everything he was doing & gave me a good price. I would highly recommend Ryan and R & A Industries!

Malissa Fitzsimons

We had a dishwasher installed and Wes The tech arrived on time and was courteous and helpful . I highly recommend R and A for any type of plumbing installation or repairs.


I’ve been at R and A for a year now as an HVAC Technician. The management and owners here listen to our concerns and actually respond timley. Small business feel.

Ryan Evans

We were very happy with R&A. We had no water and they worked us in. The employees were very courteous and professional. We can’t say enough good about R&A.

Linda Conway

Luis was excellent He reparied my outlet and I am now back up and running to work from home.

Paige Duck

Family-Owned & Operated

Since starting out in the early 2000s, R&A has transformed from a small electrical contractor to a leading residential provider with expanded services in HVAC and plumbing. Throughout this evolution, we have remained committed to delivering quick repairs, fair pricing, and great service to our valued customers.

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