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Oviedo, FL Repair & Maintenance

Your safety, comfort, and peace of mind are top priorities at R & A. We have over 20 years of experience and no matter what is required of the R & A professional to get the job done, there will be no surprises in the end. You can rest well knowing that you saved time and money for a job done right because you chose to put R & A to work for you! R & A is a leading Oviedo air conditioner repair, Oviedo plumber, Oviedo electrician, and Oviedo heater repair service. Oviedo, Florida

We serve all of Oviedo, Florida including Red Bug Lake, Oviedo Marketplace, Mitchell Hammock Road, Seminole State College, and many more areas in Seminole County and the Greater Orlando area.

Oviedo Home & Business Services

Air Conditioner Repair Oviedo

Oviedo Air Conditioner Repair

  The heat in Central Florida can be overwhelming in the summer. Cooling systems are a necessity that keep our families safe and sane. Our team of certified Oviedo air conditioner repair experts has over 20 years of experience with residential and commercial systems. Whether you need regular maintenance, new unit installation, a simple tune-up, or Oviedo air conditioner repair, R & A looks out for your best interests. Oviedo AC repair
Heater Repair Oviedo

Oviedo Heater Repair

  R & A knows homeowners in Florida typically don’t need much help staying warm, but temperatures can sometimes drop below freezing in the winter months, so keeping your system healthy in your residential or commercial space can lengthen the life of your heater. Call R & A Industries for all of your Oviedo heater repair needs! Oviedo Heater Repair
Electrician Oviedo

Oviedo Electrician

  R & A offers highly trained, licensed, and insured Oviedo electrician services to suit all your residential or commercial needs. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from incandescent bulbs to LEDs, we can set the mood with ambient lighting installation or create more circulation of the air in your home or office space with stylish and practical ceiling fans. R & A Industries specializes in Oviedo electrician services for your home or business! Oviedo Electrician
Plumber Oviedo

Oviedo Plumber

  Water leaks in your home can not only be expensive additions to your bill, but they can cause you additional heartache by causing more damage to your home in the form of damaged flooring, rust and corrosion of pipes, rotting wood in walls near the floor, and more. When you don’t make the necessary repairs right away, you may end up with mold. Early leak detection is necessary to prevent health hazards. A highly trained Oviedo plumber can come out to assess damages and provide a quote. Oviedo Plumber

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