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Whole House Surge Protection

On average, lightning is responsible for more weather-related deaths in Florida than all other weather hazards combined, and Florida has the highest number of lightning casualties of all 50 states. Perhaps that is why it we are known as the lighting capital of the United States – here, lighting strikes twice. Lots with many trees, or homes which are located near water are most susceptible to lightning strikes and power surges. Even if lightning doesn’t hit directly, electricity can travel through tree roots or water and jump to nearby electric, cable and phone lines, then entering your home and causing damage to your devices and appliances. R & A is committed to reducing risks, and keeping you, your loved ones, and your investments safe from lighting strikes and power surges. Make the decision today to protect yourself with whole home surge protection.

Whole House Surge Protection

An R & A licensed electrician can install a surge protector in a box near or inside the main electrical panel, depending on how your electrical system is set up. Electricity would then pass through the surge protector before entering your home, and if electrical spikes above the normal 120 volts are detected, it will divert the excess energy into a grounding wire.

Whole house surge protection is the only way to ensure appliance protection from a lighting strike or power surge because they can’t usually be plugged into a surge protector power strip. Call an experienced R & A professional today to evaluate your needs and to stay updated on all necessary information to make an informed decision.

Why Protect Against Power Surges?

Remember that great feeling you had when you finally got your $1,500 (or more) television all hooked up to your surround sound, which likely cost you a few more hundred dollars? Remember when you picked out that beautiful washer and dryer and got it all set up and working perfectly? Recall the last time a storm passed through your neighborhood. As Orlando happens to be the lightning capital of the US, there’s a good chance that you saw/heard dozens of strikes within miles of your home. Now, imagine losing all of the money you have invested into your electronic devices and appliances because you weren’t prepared for that single lightning strike right behind your house, or that unforeseeable power surge that fried all your technology that was plugged in at the time because you are missing a surge protector.

Excess energy to your devices can cause lots of heartache. Whole house surge protection is the best thing you can do for protection, short of unplugging everything in your home before bed every night, or whenever you see lightning. Appliance protection is nonexistent without a surge protector present in your home. Don’t wait until you lose hundreds of thousands of your investment dollars because excess energy creeped into your home uninvited and zapped your belongings with a lightning strike or power surge. Contact one of our electricians today for electrical inspection, lighting installation, or surge protection! We will take all the necessary steps to protect your home and everyone and everything in it with a whole home surge protection system.

Whole House Surge Protection Services

  • Surge Protection Evaluation
  • Whole House Surge Protector Installation
  • Point of Use Surge Protector Installation
  • Increase Life of Your Appliances
  • Appliance Protection & Peace of Mind

Surge Protection Service Areas

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