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AC Repair & Troubleshooting

When your air conditioner or heater fails you, waiting for repairs or needing to undergo a complete replacement of your HVAC system can really drag you down. R & A’s certified HVAC technicians can help you stay ahead with routine tune-ups. When you do need an emergency AC repair, or help troubleshoot your heating or cooling system, we’ve got you covered with prompt service by certified technicians who are always up to speed on the newest equipment, technology, and industry standards. Over time, even the highest-quality air conditioning systems begin to lose efficiency. Performing annual AC maintenance checks on your residential and commercial systems can help alleviate this decline. Routine checks and making necessary repairs can help keep your energy bills low can ensure your sustained comfort in a cool house for many years. AC Repair Don’t wait until it’s too late! Annual checkups allow experienced HVAC technicians to catch potential problems before they disturb your comfort. Both your heater and air conditioner are machines that are composed of subparts that function together, so when one part isn’t working correctly, it can force other parts to work harder to compensate for the irregularity. This shortens the life of your system as a whole. Removing problem parts before they affect the integrity of other parts (which allows your system to suffer more serious -and more costly- damage) will optimize the life of your heating and AC system. R & A’s goal is to keep your system up and running as efficiently as possible. Whether you need AC installation, repair, troubleshooting, or routine AC maintenance tune-ups, R & A has your best interests in mind. Call today to make an appointment with one of our heating and cooling experts.

HVAC Replacement

A failed air conditioner is the last problem you want here, in the Sunshine State, where we depend on AC for comfort at work or home. The heat and humidity can make it unbearably uncomfortable to go any amount of time without precious cool air. Our licensed and insured, certified HVAC technicians can handle any necessary repair on any make and model of commercial or residential heater or air conditioner system. We are reliable and affordable, and we have your best interests in mind. If replacing your system ever becomes more affordable than a repair, we at R & A have you covered! AC repair and replacement can be stressful, but you don’t have to fight to stay cool for long; with R & A’s help, our team will replace your system as quick as possible, and get the job done right to keep your air conditioner fighting the heat for you for many years to come. AC Replacement

Air Conditioner Repair Services

  • Expert Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
  • Central Air Conditioning System Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Freon Leak Detection & Recharging
  • AC De-Icing
  • Preventative AC Maintenance
  • Attractive Financing Options

Top Brands & Models

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HVAC Warranty Check

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AC Repair Service Areas

If you are looking for a new AC Repair in Central or North Florida, our trained technicians are just a phone call away! R & A is the “Reliable & Affordable” Company in Florida! We currently service homes and businesses throughout Belleview, The Villages, Oviedo, and Orlando.

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