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New Air Conditioner Installation

27% of the energy consumed by an average Florida home is used by your air conditioner; this is more than four times the national average! The energy consumed by your heating, ventilation, and HVAC system is impacted by several factors including quality of insulation, shading around the building’s exterior, seals around windows and doors, the integrity of the duct system, efficiency of the cooling units, and how the cooling system is used and maintained.

Certified HVAC Installers

AC Installation Florida’s heat forces most residents to rely on air conditioning for reasonable daily comfort levels, and also to combat high humidity, which is a staple of our Florida climate. This places immeasurable importance on the installation of an efficient air conditioning system. An efficient system depends on proper installation to achieve maximum performance. Our certified HVAC professionals will be able to obtain the maximum intended efficiency of whichever make and model cooling system best fits your lifestyle. R & A is the “Reliable & Affordable” Company in Florida! We currently service homes and businesses throughout Belleview, The Villages, Oviedo, and Orlando.

Sizing Your AC System

While you might experience faster cool-downs and can overcome common issues such as duct leaks, lack of AC maintenance and tune-ups, and poor insulation when your air conditioner is over-sized, you can also expect much higher equipment costs. Generally, oversizing is not recommended. When your unit is sized to match the actual cooling requirement of the unit, it provides better humidity control and can yield greater energy savings. Better humidity control means a higher overall level of comfort. Reducing how often you start and stop your system can also help you achieve greater energy savings as well as lengthen the life of your equipment. A properly sized system and efficient AC components will bring the most benefits to you and your residential or commercial space. Even so, the system must be properly maintained, and most importantly, kept clean. Our certified HVAC technicians will assist in properly sizing your AC system. To do this, the actual cooling requirement, or load, must be specifically calculated. Calculations are based on the precise cooling coverage area, the orientation of each major component of the air conditioning system, along with the amount of heat that emanates from the lights, people, and appliances or equipment regularly occupying the inside space. This is where we come in! Call R & A today so we can help you determine your needs and match them to affordable options that will help you stay comfortable and cool.

Central Cooling System Components

Central HVAC systems have two major components; one is called an air handler. This unit should be installed inside so it is in a centralized location, minimizing duct lengths and optimizing airflow. When inside, the air handler is also easier to access for maintenance or AC repair and replacement. Careful consideration should be given to the placement of the other major component, the condenser. This unit should be outside, and manufacturers recommend that a precise clearance distance should be given to ensure there is no blockage of airflow from the unit. Placement is key and is one more reason you should invest careful thought into who you trust with your investment. It is important to know that the inside air handler and outside condenser are assembled together for the first time on site. The quality of the installation work that is invested into the planning and assembly of a new air conditioner can directly impact the efficiency and reliability of the entire system. Schedule an appointment today!

AC Installation Services

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